I’ve had so much fun putting together blog posts that have been requested by YOU GUYS, so thank you so much for telling me what you’d like to see! One of the most common questions I get is about how I do my hair. So here’s a little summary for you guys including the products that I use, and you can check out my Instagram account to watch my quick tutorial on how I use my hair wand!

To start off, I got my first Brazilian Blowout about 7 months ago and can’t tell you how much I loved it! I’m due for another one but will probably wait until a little closer to summer to get it done because that’s when it’s the most beneficial to me with the Austin humidity. If you have any questions about doing a Brazilian Blowout, feel free to message me!

I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on when I take a spin class. I try to go 3 days because I’m lazy but that isn’t always the case. When I do wash my hair, I always double wash it. What I mean by that is I wash it with shampoo, rinse it out, then rewash it again. This gives me that clean scalp feeling and I’m convinced it helps me go an extra day. Then I use a conditioner on my ends and rinse. Here are the shampoos and conditioners I use including a clarifying shampoo that I use once a week. I also use this dry shampoo between washes when needed!

On wet hair, I apply a damage control spray to protect my hair from the heat and gently brush through (if you don’t have a wet brush, you need one!!). I’ve been using the same heat protectant for years and although I’ve tried some others, I always go back to this because it’s lightweight and doesn’t build up in my hair! After I brush through my hair lightly, I apply my hair creme to the ends of my hair for a smooth texture.

Whenever I can, I like to let my hair air dry as much as possible- until it’s about 70% dry. Then I rough dry my hair with my blowdryer which I LOVE because it dries my hair pretty quickly with minimal effort. I got this hairdryer a year ago and haven’t looked back! If my hair has air dried for too long, I use a round brush to smooth it out again while blow drying.

Once my hair is dry, I put my hair up and take down about a quarter of it at a time and use my curling wand on 1-2 inch sections. I recently purchased the T3 whirl trio which is basically a convertible wand where you can use the same base but use different sized barrels interchangeably. I love it!! I would highly recommend it if you’re someone who likes to curl your hair often- I absolutely love the results I’ve been getting with the 1.25 inch barrel and the tapered barrel! I haven’t yet tried the 1 inch barrel but I know it’ll be pretty great. I have been told the curl should last longer with this wand vs others and I haven’t personally seen that yet. I think it lasts about the same as my older wand (which I’ve also linked). It heats up really quickly, curls my hair quickly, and I love the shape of the curl I get using this.

I don’t normally use a hairspray or finishing balm on my hair because it makes my hair greasier faster. Since I use the damage control spray and the kerastase hair creme, I don’t feel the need to finish it off with anything else. On occasion when I use a hairspray or texturizing spray, these are the ones I love!

What are your favorite hair products? I’m always on the market for good finds!!