Hey girls! As promised, I wanted to share a little more about the chemical peel I got a few weeks ago. If you’ve been following along for awhile, you may remember I got this same peel last year. I got a series of 2 of them last year around the same time. I love the results and wanted to share a bit more for those who were asking!

First, I’ll answer some of FAQ’s you girl had! Sorry to state the obvious but I just want to preface this by saying I’m not a medical professional, I am only sharing my personal experience and opinions. 

What is a VI peel?

There are several different types of peels out there, this is the one that was recommended to me. Since I’m not a doctor, I’ll leave it to the experts to describe what exactly it is. You can read more about it here.

Why did I get a peel?

The reasons I love getting this peel is to improve tone and texture, fine lines, and lighten dark spots. I can be breakout prone at times and with my skin type I’m always left with a mark after them so it is something that just bugs me! This is also one of the more mild peels that are available so I like that about this particular peel as well.

What is the downtime?

The answer to this will vary from person to person. I have pics below that show when my peeling started and it was 2 days post peel. Day 2 and day 3 were my heavier peeling days, and the days that I would say I wanted to be more incognito! The remaining days were pretty mild and my peeling was complete in about 4 or 5 days. Again, everyone’s length of peeling can be different! I would say to plan it at minimum one full week prior to anything important.

Can you wear makeup during the process?

The answer to this is yes, however once the peeling starts I don’t recommend it – it just makes it look worse! You can wear the makeup the next day and by one week out I was wearing my full makeup again. A tinted moisturizer is a great option prior to when the peeling begins. 

Does it hurt?

There was no pain for me when getting this peel done. There can be a bit of a tingling sensation but that’s about it for me. The discomfort I find is more the first and second night when you haven’t started peeling yet. It feels tight and itchy (but you can’t itch!!). They give you a cortisone cream and my provider told me to take Benadryl if needed so I did, and that helped a ton! The actual peeling process doesn’t hurt!

How much does the peel cost?

This can also vary place to place. I got mine in a dermatologist office (for those that are local I went to Irma at Westlake Dermatology) and the cost was $300 plus a 20% discount for a special they were offering, making it around $240. 

Would I do it again?

The answer is a definite yes! I’m sharing a bunch of pics below and you can see in the 2 week post peel pics my skin is visibly brighter and smoother. The texture was also majorly improved. I think I would need a second peel or a lightening cream prescribed to further lighten up the two dark spots I have, but overall I am very pleased with the results!


These pictures below were all taken via my iPhone throughout the process. These images are with no face makeup, and no filters and no editing has been done on them. 

I hope this helps answer some questions for those who have been asking!