Happy Hump Day, friends! Today I’m answering some of my most asked beauty questions and sharing some of my favorite products with you all. I’m breaking it down by category and will be sharing all things lashes, lips, and brows!


Lashes are always a big topic of conversation. We all want longer, thicker lashes. Am I right? For me personally, I don’t want to have the maintenance of eye lash extensions and don’t want to risk ruining my natural lashes. I do have naturally long lashes, but my secret to keeping them thick and long is my lash serum. I’ve been using it for years (taking breaks when I was pregnant) and have had amazing results. I personally haven’t had any reactions to it, but if you do I would definitely suggest speaking with your health care professional and maybe they can suggest an alternative for you. I will say that consistency is key with the lash serum, you have to use it nightly for about 4 weeks to see results and I still use it 4-5 nights a week to maintain them! I have purchased my serum from both Nordstrom and Amazon and will link both below.

Next is my favorite mascara combo. If you watched my tutorial you’ll see how I first use my eyelash curler and then follow with my eyelash primer. This primer is key for me! It gives the mascara something to hold onto and thickens them. I almost never skip this step anymore! I started using it a year and have never looked back. Next I apply one of my favorite mascaras, I have a few that I love and I’ll link them all here for you. My favorites are by Lancome, IT Cosmetics, and L’oreal.


I often get asked about what my favorite lipstick shades are so I’m linking my mostly used colors below! I do not have any lip fillers (not that I’m against it) but I do think a nightly lip mask is key for me to keep mine smooth which makes them feel more plump! My go to daily color is for sure Mac’s Coral Bliss but I alternate between these nude colors here.


Last topic for the day is eyebrows! Gosh, my eyebrows have come a LONG way. I think we all realize now that bigger and bushier is better, haha! I do not have my brows micro bladed, I get them shaped every 4-6 weeks. If you’re local you can find my brow specialist here. I do still have some spots that are a little sparse and for that I use this brow pencil in the color dark brunette. I’ve tried other pencils and brow powders but this one gives me the most natural look which is what I want!

I love sharing beauty favorites with you ladies, and love finding new favorites through you as well! Feel free to comment below with some of your favorite mascaras and lip colors!