I can’t believe that my Sophie is already 3! As cliche as it sounds, this has been the fastest three years of my life. Sometimes it’s all a blur because of how busy it has been, but I wanted to take the time to reflect on the last few years and share a little about how we became a family of five. Warning – I’m not a writer and this is more of me just spilling my hodge podge of memories 😉

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a mom. But it turned out it wasn’t as easy for us as we expected and after a few months of trying on our own, I got on a fertility medication to force my body to ovulate because I was super irregular. Soon after that we got pregnant with Reza, and he was perfect. I loved being a mom, he was my entire life. As hard as being a new mom is and all of the challenges that come along with it, when he was two years old we decided we were ready to try for another one! This time was a little different and even though we conceived quickly, we had two early pregnancy losses (I’ll tell that story on another day) and it was a tough time. I started to tell myself maybe we were just meant to have one child, and that was perfectly fine. We were lucky to have him- he was happy and healthy and that was more than enough. But after seeing a new doctor and figuring out what was wrong, along came Laila who was truly an angel baby.

We felt so blessed with two healthy children and we decided that our family was complete. We even donated all the baby gear as we built a new house in the area we want to raise our kids. I wondered if I was going to miss out on not having one more because I come from a family of five and it was so fun having a bigger family. But I just wasn’t up for that emotional roller coaster ride again – not anytime soon, anyway. So I closed that chapter in my mind. We also had just opened up Nazim’s new dental office and life was just SO busy.

One morning Laila and I were were at the grocery store and I was on the phone with Nazim and I was complaining it smelled so “weird” in there, lol. His immediate response was “you’re not pregnant are you?” ….I was like NO WAY, of course not. My mind started racing…when was my last period? Could I be? No, surely not. I never got pregnant easily while trying, so this just wasn’t possible, right?! But I grabbed a pregnancy test anyway.

Laila and I stopped at the new house to drop some things off and I decided I needed to take the test right then and there. Laila stood RIGHT next to me as I took it, lol. I am not exaggerating when I say this but before I could even put the test down, I read the word PREGNANT. OH.MY.GOSH. Laila grabbed the pregnancy test and started running around with it and I was chasing her trying to make sure I read it correctly!! She was only 15 months old, just a baby herself. I wasn’t mentally prepared for this AT ALL. I called my older sister hysterical and could barely tell her the news. Once I gathered myself, the feeling of excitement started settling in. This was MEANT TO BE I told myself. I am filled with tears just writing this because I truly believe everything happens for a reason and even with the struggles we had before, God wanted us to have her. I called Nazim right away and his response was exactly what I needed- he was SO excited. Here we go, I thought. We got this!

Fast forward, and here we are today as a complete family of five and our baby is officially not really a baby anymore! Sophia is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Her smile lights up a room. Her laugh is contagious. Her independence is impressive. Her determination to be “big” is so dang cute. And her obsession with Laila and Reza warms my heart so much. She was the perfect finale for our family. The happiest surprise ever. We love that little thing to pieces!!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed hearing something a bit more personal from me 😉