Can y’all believe it’s already that time again?! Fall is in full swing (by date that is, not by weather here in ATX!) and many of you are working on planning your family photo outfits for holiday cards! I LOVE having the memories of family photos and enjoy having them around our house to look back on each year.

I know that sometimes the thought of planning outfits for the family can be challenging, so I’m hoping this post will help you all! I did this post last year and got such great feedback!

My first tip for planning your outfit is to come up with your theme/color scheme. I highly recommend doing this because it will keep you on track when shopping for everyone’s look. I usually choose 3 colors or so that I am wanting to blend together for a coordinated look.

That brings me to my second tip- outfits should coordinate, not match. Gone are the days of everyone wear white or everyone wears navy…focus on finding different textures and hues of your color palette to come up with the perfect coordinated look!

This year I decided to go with my favorite color of the season as inspo- camel/cognac. I wanted to incorporate that color this year, yet I always prefer neutrals for photos. This color seemed like the perfect option to keep it earthy and neutral, but still fun for fall. I’m combining it with some blush tones and creams/grays. I’m also going to list some other color combo ideas below for inspo!

When I plan my own outfit, I try to keep it simple. Remember, less is more. I keep my hair simple, I normally wear it down with some loose curls. I also like to keep accessories to a minimum. If I decide to wear some statement earrings, that will be my only accessory. Or if I want to do a statement necklace, then small stud earrings will go best. I want my outfits to look timeless and classic, so this helps keep the flow of that! This goes for makeup too!

Now…how to keep the kids happy for pics, THAT is the million dollar question! As you can imagine, trying to get all 3 of my kids to smile and act right for a photo is kind of impossible! I’ve learned over the years that the natural shots end up being my favorite and the kids do their REAL smile vs their “my mommy said to” smile. So…in comes the bribery, haha. I try to make sure the kids are fed and rested for picture day. I always pack water and an easy to clean snack to have before our shoots. And last, the treats. I let them know ahead of time that if they can do a good job listening so we can get through our pics that they can have their treat after 😉 It works pretty darn well even after all these years, amazing what a handful of M&M’s can do!

And last – relax. If we are high strung, the kids will pick up on it! Truthfully, Nazim does not look very forward to photo shoots but we’ve been able to take it more lightly now and not stress so much.

If you’re trying to figure out a color combo or any outfit inspo, I hope this is helpful!


I personally always love keeping it neutral. We usually update the picture frames in our home with our family photos so I prefer keeping it neutral so that everything flows with the house. If you do a pop of color, think about adding it with one or two family members with a top or bottoms or accessories. Here are a few combos that I love for this season:

  • Cream, blush, and navy

  • Cream, blush, and gray

  • Cream, gray, and cognac

  • Navy, cream, and gray

  • Emerald green, blush, and cream

  • Mustard yellow, navy, and cream

  • Burgundy, gray, and cream

  • Cognac, navy, and gray