How? I make it a priority, it’s as simple as that.

Why? Because it’s important, I need to, and it matters to me.

We all have priorities. My top priority is taking care of my family of five and raising our three young children. And although it may sometimes feel like it’s at the bottom of the list- taking care of myself is a priority too. For me, that’s simply doing something for ME. Believe me, I know that this can be challenging to do when you have a busy career or if you’re chasing after little ones, but I find it super important for my sanity. I do my very best to make it happen. My “me time” usually entails going to a spin class (if you haven’t tried a rhythm based spin class, you must!!), having a night with my girlfriends, going to get my nails or hair done, or let’s face it – it often means shopping (you guessed it!)…

I never used to exercise regularly and was totally guilty of starting different types of workouts and never sticking with them. After becoming a mom, I realize how much it helps me clear my mind and how much better my body feels afterwards. I try and fit this in about three or even four times a week (on a good week!), and I don’t let myself feel guilty for being away from my family to do it. I come back recharged and feeling great! Find something that physically challenges you and that you enjoy. That could mean a quick jog around the neighborhood or a home video workout after work or after your kids are in bed. Make time.

My girlfriends are so important to me and I pride myself on having meaningful relationships with each of them. After a long, crazy week with my kids, it’s SO nice to go and unwind over dinner and a glass of wine (or two…) and just laugh. Good girlfriends are a saving grace, make time for them.

Pampering myself is my way of giving myself a little pat on the back for being an awesome mom to my little nuggets. I mean, come on, we are all awesome moms! We spend almost every minute of our days trying to make everything perfect for our families. It’s okay to put some of that focus on ourselves, too. I like to treat myself with a good mani & pedi or some good old fashioned retail therapy. And since I truly have the BEST husband alive, he encourages me to do this for myself! I’m also very blessed to have such great support from my parents and my in laws who help me with the kids so that I am able to do these things.

What I’m saying is- you work hard and you DESERVE to take care of YOU. So, make it a priority. Make time. You will be better because of it, I can assure you of that!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment and tell me what your favorite thing to do is during your “me” time!




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