Sharing some updated hair products that I've been using! My go to look is a loose natural looking wave with some good volume at the base (that's the Texas girl in me!). You can also check out these two posts for more on my hair care routine: Newest Hair Favs ; My Haircare Routine


Shampoos & Conditioners

heat protectant and hair creme

favorite volumizers

I also really like this mousse as a volumizer, I kind of rotate between all 3 of these based on what I feel like!


styling tools & brushes

I mostly use my Lange Wand on a daily basis and it's great for thicker hair, but I have a few wands that I like so I'm sharing those below as well! 

I often get asked about my hair color and what type of service I get done. I get a balayage done every 4-6 months with root touch ups every 4-6 weeks (darn grays!!). I ask for a natural balayage with ash brown tones and my stylist uses ash toner to achieve that look and cut the brassy tones my hair naturally pulls. 

Just like everyone, my hair goes through phases where I love it and phases where I just want to chop it off and start over! For me the key is quality products and taking care of it as best as I can!